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HAMA Gaming-Mouse uRage Reaper Revolutio
  144,09 Lt
HIGHLIGHTS 13 quick-acting precision buttons
HIGHLIGHTS Great grip due to anti-slip coating
HIGHLIGHTS Clear resolution display with LEDs
HIGHLIGHTS dpi speed dial button for quick speed changes
HIGHLIGHTS Ergonomic design for long gaming sessions
HIGHLIGHTS Integrated Omron switches for a longer service life
HIGHLIGHTS Low-friction Teflon feet
HIGHLIGHTS Cable: 1.8 m
HIGHLIGHTS Plug and play: installation without drivers
HIGHLIGHTS Elegant and flexible woven jacket for additional kink protection
HIGHLIGHTS 100 Hz USB polling rate
HIGHLIGHTS 13 buttons (can be assigned individually depending on the game requirements)
HIGHLIGHTS Adjustable dpi setting of up to 8,200 dpi for precise and smooth cursor control
HIGHLIGHTS Incl. gaming app and software
HIGHLIGHTS Integrated 8,200 dpi laser Avago gaming sensor for great precision
PICTURE http://www.also.lt/Images/specs/2733157.jpg
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION HAMA Gaming-Mouse uRage Reaper Revolution
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  I 9-18
  II 9-18
  III 9-18
  IV 9-18
  V 9-18
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VII Nedirbame
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